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no time for real entries
Location: Bloomsburg, PA

My backhaul is taking me to Dorksville!  I should be able to spend a few hours visiting with a sick welf tonight if she's up for it.  As for all these photos, it's more than just adoration.  I'm really proud of these photos.  I don't typically take pictures of people and I've just been thrilled with the way some of these have turned out.  I like taking pictures and welfy likes having pictures taken of her.  It's a perfect fit.

She's so photogenic, though, it makes it too easy.

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Very interesting. The green in her eyes really pops out. And the leaves in front of her just seem so sharp.

yeah, it's one of the things i like about that photo, how the leaves really make her eye color stand out...

i've heard a bit about you from erin. pleased to make your acquaintance.

and as long as erin has said good things, i'm pleased to make yours as well :-P

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