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Location: Lodi, OH

Things have gotten pretty desperate in Dorksville, PA.

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ok... here's a triskit... or would you rather a burger or a dog... have some salad in the fridge too if you are a veggie person...
I just wanted to type triskit to tell you the truth.
(and see you be a camwhore)... he hee...

Anything to gain some weight! I'm a whopping...102 pounds.

I hope you don't mind a comment from a total stranger on your welfare (er, welfyare?), but I hope you're doing okay. I had a terrible case of mono the summer after my freshman year of college, and wound up losing 15 lbs. because I could not eat -- no appetite, really sore throat. (Luckily, I had gained the Freshman 15 and was glad to get rid of it!)

Hehe, welfyare. I don't mind comments from strangers. :^)

I'm doing MUCH better. I had been undergoing a lot of stress from various stuff and become 99 pounds (and I'm almost 5'7", so NOT GOOD at all) but Soopa has been really good about nagging me to eat. The throat thing did cause a lot of problems with eating at first, but I've been taking steroids and codine every day and the steroids make me eat a LOT.

I actually lost weight in college...not sure how that happened, but my dad was sick with cancer almost my entire college career and he passed away a week before junior year, so that's probably why. But I've never been a very big person anyway. I figure it will catch up with me once my metabolism slows down.

I am SUCH a dork. Why do you put up with me???

You make it sound like it's a chore. The pleasure's all mine. :)

Lodi, OH: Is that the Lodi referenced in the CCR song of that name?

came into town a one-night-stand, looks like my plans fell through

More than likely this is given CCR's California roots.

For the right pictures, I'll feed her anything she wants. :)


Just for you, JoeyMark.

MORE! ENCORE! RAWR! Lucky damn Lin.

Trust me. The extent to which I am lucky has not been lost on me.

I know this was for him...

but damn beautiful!

Whoah. Is that like the biggest Gummy Bear in the world? I could get so high off that!

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