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pretty wet

I took this photo back in July when queenkatieett and I spent the evening in Washington, DC. There was a small garden of sunflowers growing in the Capitol Mall and it had just rained. I know wet flowers/fruit photography are kinda cliche, but I still like it.

Incidentally, I think I will begin doing this more and more - when I don't have anything interesting to say just posting a photo. Some of them will be more candid things and others will be more for their artistic merit. Any and all comments and criticisms are welcome and appreciated, now and in the future.

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I love flowers. But you already knew that. I like how clear the raindrops are.

yeah. the full resolutiuon photo is even more awesome.

Love the picture! I wish I had a working scanner. When I was in Italy a number of years ago, there were fields and fields and fields of sunflowers near Venice. We stopped and took a bunch of pictures of them, but they don't really do justice. Sunflowers are such beautiful flowers and very characteristic at times, too.

I know what you mean. Sometimes I get to drive by commerical sunflower fields in the summer. They are rather beautiful.

I like flower pictures. And, I like upclose pictures of tiny things. I have taken a few with my camera. I hope to take a ton more.
Also, I didn't know wet flowers were cliche. It's a good cliche.


I'm a bit of a freak about up-close things too... but not necessarily tiny things. I like up-close images of larger things... of that makes sense. Photos where you can't see the entire object, only a portion of it, and maybe sometimes you can't even tell what it is. Or maybe you can tell what it is and the photo makes you want to see the rest of it.

Yeah, queenkatieett makes me pretty wet, too.

The thing that annoys me most about flower photography is that everyone–especially me–thinks that we can make it new and artsy by shoving the flower to one corner.

hehe... i'm bad about doing that with just about every photograph.

(Deleted comment)
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