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uh huh huh, you said...


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Hehe...thanks for the laughs. :)

haul ass...... it's as honest as "big ass fans" in lexington

oh my gosh. big ass fans is like, the coolest name for a store ever. i remember the frist time i was dirivng down winchester road after they got their sign up... cracked my shit up

Eager Beaver

Lin, sorry to hijack this one ...

We've had the car washed there. Does Sare frequent the Daquiri Deck?


i've heard of the place but haven't been there yet. my aunt owns a condo at Gulf & Bay on siesta key and whenever we go we stay down there. this past trip was the first time i've been down there since i turned 21 and didn't have a buddy this trip so i couldn't do the bar hop thing. :(

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