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Location: Charleston, WV

I have finally been assigned a new trainee.  I'll be picking him up this evening in Indianapolis.  His name is James and he already has 61 of the 275 hours completed, which means he's already been on someone else's truck for a little more than a week then got off.  Makes me wonder why.  Guess we'll find out.

When do I stop falling?  Where's the bottom?
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When queenkatieett and I visited lacyunderall in Kansas City a few weeks back, she made a comment to the effect that "stormo's a livejournaler, so you can't talk smack about him."

There was no smack to talk about. I wish every trainee were like you... or Mike or Paul. While the Rogers and Jasons make for interesting livejournal fodder, it doesn't make my job any easier, that's for sure.

While it may not be easier having a guy randomly piss-off a cop, sure would keep things interesting.

While Delroy was interesting, he had nothing on Jason. You missed out on that lunacy. If you'd like to take a trip down memory lane....

I didn't recall the name, but when I first came onboard I read back into him and now thanks to your handy memory link, I can be sure I've got the whole picture. Thanks and yeah, someone like him sure would be frustrating.

Oh, Jason had to be preserved in memories for handy access. It was just too good not to.

Oh, I realize that - it's just a funny story. :) And a funny idea, given your increasingly voluminous f-list. ;)

I'm a livejournal star, baby!

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