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just sittn' here watching the wheels go round and round

Location: Farmer City, IL

Ah, back in the wasteland that is Illinois. For those of you playing the "Where in the World Is Soopageek?" home game, it's halfway between Bloomington and Champaign-Urbana on I-74. Lots of corn and not much else. I have an entire trailer of cabinets to unload here in the morning. The bad part is, it's only 5pm.

On my way to Arthur this afternoon I stopped for lunch at the Paris China Buffet. I was kind of pressed for time, so I was ordering to go. I got 6 Crab Rangoon, a pint of hot and sour soup, and a terrific smile ;-).

The fortune in my cookie read: "A conversation with an old friend will bring great peace of mind." Cryptic and ambiguous as usual.

My friend Kevin read some of my journal last night and sent me the following instant message: "From reading your journal I can tell you need two things: you need to have sex and you need sleep." Keen observaton Big Daddy.

I slept for 9 hours last ngiht, I guess one outta two ain't bad.

I got my latest NYC photos online.

Now I gotta find something to occupy myself for the next 6 hours until I go to bed. Maybe I'll get around to cleaning my truck, it sure needs it.

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