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lucky omen

I took this photo in Rockland, Maine a few months ago.  It's not terribly special, I just like the coincidental moment.

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if the devil is 6 if the devil is six if the devil is six

( and man is 5)

Then God is 7! Then God is 7! Then God is 7!

(this monkey's gone youknowwhere)

that there are 7 birds and 7 windows?

the force is strong in this one

well i think it's pretty groovy

hey there, stranger. how's knoxville treatin' ya? glad to be back south of that there mason dixon line?

I am glad, thanks for asking. :) It's nice to be back where my accent doesn't even occassionally make me feel like I'm speaking with a mouth full of mush. Does that make sense?

Anyway... this is also my first time living in a city of substantial size... which my roommate seemed to think was pretty funny. He's from Nashville. Is Nashville really that much bigger than Knoxville???

Yeah, considerably. Nashville is pretty effin huge.

lol ok. well that explains his shock i guess.

All I'm thinking about is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner we had to read in high school with that CREEPY albatross.

I have to be biased. But I think Maine is one of the most goregous places on earth.

Especially when you get away from the heavily trafficed areas on Route 1.

it is pretty once you get away from the I-95 corridor. i spent the better part of two days along the coast when i was in rockland. beautiful countryside.

Of course, I'm biased, but it's goregous in by the mountains as well.

Everytime I"m away for a while, I just get taken aback at how beautiful it is in Maine. And in the fall, with the leaves in their cornacopia of colors...it's my idea of heaven....until they all fall off the trees......

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