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Location: Richmond, IN

Laptop computer: $799
Broadband WiFi Service: $19.99
Commercial Usenet Provider for downloading media: $25

The look on your girlfriend's face when you accidentally start a porno while trying to show her an innocent home made video: priceless.
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It's even better when you're doing a video project in high school and you didn't quite tape over all the porn that was on the cassette.

I don't remeber that!!

this comment deserves further elaboration.

Oh than goodness. I thought I was the only one.


OMGWTFBBQ hadhjkyaewyuwqyeqw!!!!one1111!!

It's not like I didn't know you had porn on the computer, but the fact that I was 100% expecting to see a video of a sweet little kid do a magic trick and then THAT...I THOUGHT I TRUSTED YOU LIN!

One can't help but literally laugh out loud reading that... and then picturing her face. A magic trick involves pulling a rabit out of a hat or something not.... Gah..The possibilities for that joke .. endless. ;)

It kinda was like a magic trick.... called "hide the sausage".

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