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The socks were a stroke of luck.
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That's a really sweet photo! And the socks are the perfect touch...

I love the way that they lined up so perfectly with the part of the sky that was turning pink. Makes it look as though the sunset is rippling out from your feet.

That's beautiful. And not just the subject.

Your userinfo made me laugh. Add me?

-your fellow welfy fan

nice icon! makes me thirsty for product from home..

added ya back. i also added you to the NSFW photography filter. i can never have enough critical eyes on something that's rather new for me.

You seemed like a man who might appreciate such things.

Much abliged. I look forward to your journal, as well as your photos.

indeed, although Maker's Mark tends to be my poison of choice.

That's a fine liquid as well.

Do you know this one? I am growing fond of it.

sadly with my current profession i haven't had as much opportunity to continue my bourbon exploration :) i'll have to keep an eye out for it though, since it now comes recommended.

We have it at one of our silly state ABC stores here, but I rarely see it elsewhere in Virginia. I did see it in a store in my last visit to Kentucky though.

Happy bourboning.

Ah! My first LiveJournal Virgnian! For all intents and purposes I consider myself to be a Kentuckian, however I was born and spent the first five years of my life in Richmond, VA.

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