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....can be worse than girlfriends.... espcially when they wanna remain friends... well, i know it's only been a couple of week since we broke up... and the reasons we broke were complicated and mutual... but the thing is, she's still clinging sorta... and she's the one who broke up! GRRR... tonight she invited me over for dinner.... after a movie and food and me mooching off her washer and dryer... i decided it's time to go home, im getting tired and have to be at work in the morning.... so i do... she asks me to call her when i get home so she knows i got home alright (?)... so i go home, get to talkin' to my roomate and forgot all about calling her.... when she calls, she's mad cos 1) i forgot to cal her and 2) cos i'm still awake since i was so tired i had to leave her house.....

i don't think this "let's still be friends" thing is going to work out so well.... i can just imgaine what it'll be like if i start seeing other people... sheesh....
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