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trainee cavalcade

Location: Benton Harbor, MI

They couldn't get me into a terminal today for the repairs I need because there is another load that needs coverage.  When I was talking about my dispatcher this afternoon about the next load, she said the other driver was picking up a load in Holland, MI that had to be in Ferdinand, IN by morning.  Problem is the other driver is just about out of hours.  In fact, he will onlybe able to get about an hour away from the shipper before he has to shutdown.  Over the course of the conversation, she began using the other driver's name, constantly referring to Paul, adding that we would have to get cell numbers traded so we could co-ordinate the load split.  Naturally, I was curious.  "Paul Sinclair?" I enquired.  Turns out it was. "Oh, I've got his cell number already.  Paul was my very first trainee."  When I had concluded his training last November, he managed to get on the same account that I work-on.

He's the only student aside from stormodacentury with whom I've managed to keep in touch.  Once or twice a month we'll call each other on the phone and talk shop about the account.  A couple of weeks ago while heading to Arthur, he had called me and asked where I was.  When I told him I was I-70 west of Indianapolis, we soon deduced he was only 4 miles behind me.  We met-up that afternoon at a McDonald's just over the Illinois border and visited for about an hour.  We had breakfast once back in the spring, too, when Jason was with me. 

I called him this afternoon.  "What do you say, old man?".  He assured me not much.  "I hear I've got to come take a load from you.  What kind of driver are you anyway?  Who the hell trained you?"  We chatted some briefly and decided he'd probably not make it much further than Benton Harbor.  Another call later in the evening would solidify it.  Upon arrival, we visited for a bit at the Flying J, then I left him to finish getting his rest so I could make the all-night push for Ferdinand.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get this truck worked-on.  The paper logs were fun but it got old real quick.

My new trainee is Johnathan, a young guy from Tennessee.  When it comes to training, I much prefer the young'uns. (The door has been intentionally left open with that last sentence.)  Typically, the younger dudes have actually, you know, seen a computer, which makes a great deal of the non-driving training a lot easier than it does with the older guys.  Johnathan, like Jim, is planning on taking his PTO.  I'll barely have him on the truck for a week.

Incidentally, I did manage to capture a quick photo of Jim last week while we were in Vermont, in case you were wondering.

I've been entirely too busy to read LiveJournal.  Thanks for taking the time to read my crap.
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