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heeeeeeeeere's johnny
Location: Richfield, UT

This past weekend with Welf in Lexington was fun.  We had sushi with yshaloo, xianxu, goingincirclez, and mix3d3m0ti0n5, then off to karaoke with Ysha.  Last night I had dinner with justamy in Kansas City and tomorrow night it looks like socializing will be had with democritus and psycat90.  It's the whirlwind Soopageek Tour 2005TM, sponsored by copious quantities of coffee and cigarettes.  Check local listings for dates and times, void where prohibited by law.

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Glad to see you made it out west just fine.

I had a sooooopa time the other night. Glad to get a chance to meet everyone (and thankful the Belle was on good behvaior) :-).

Hope karakoe was fun!

Hijacking Soopa's journal, but is it okay if I add you and the husband? I thought you two were so adorable and funny. Your daughter is cute, too! :^D

Not a problem. I'll add you back (and I know he won't care hee hee).

Yeah, we'll have to get together again sometime when you're in town. (and I'm glad to see you made it back to PA ok :)

(Deleted comment)
hehehe... but i do like that the picture makes it look like something is just over the edge...

you were in kc?!? poo! i wish i'd've known; i live just down the street from amy and could've randomly met you whilst walking my doggie in the dark! haha :P

ahhhh, well next time we'll have to rope you in on the socializin'

you're probably indestructable

you're probably full of shit.


we all know that isn't true.

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