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Location: Kingman, AZ

I... am a moron.  Johnny does not question this moron apparently.  Together, two of us made what is quite possibly the greatest blunder of my driving career to date.  This is all related to the fact that I am posting this from Kingman, where I posted from last night.

I actually drove some more last night.  At about 6am I couldn't go any longer, even though there was still another hour until Johnny could drive.  I wrote down some directions for him and went to bed.  About an hour and a half later he got up and got us moving again.  I vaguely remember all of this.

At 11:30am I woke up... the truck was moving....

...westward because that is what I had mistakenly wrote down on the directions for Johnny while half-alive at 6am this morning.  He had just come to this realization when he saw a sign for Los Angeles and woke me up to ask me about my gorss error.  We just drove 240 miles in the wrong direction.


I'm a moron.  And now I have to explain this to my dispatcher.  Sheesh.

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Ha ha, I got a story for ya:

In 1999 I was invited to a good friend’s wedding in Lakeland, MN – just across the WI border and about an hour from St. Paul. I was going to drive from Chicago, after waiting for Anna to drive from KY first.

So she gets to Chicago at about 8:00. The directions from the wedding invitation say it couldn’t be any easier: Essentially, “Just take I-94 all the way to the MN border, and you’re there.“ Having gone from Chicago to Madison a few times before, I know that I-90/94 starts at exit 160 or so at the IL/WI border… counting down to 0, that’s about 2 ½ - 3 hours tops, right? Seems in the back of my head that MN should be farther than that, but numbers don’t lie, do they? Why check a map?

Well… that’s still about 5 hours from my end of Chicago at any rate. Anna already drove that much, and when we leave at 9 pm I’m just prepared for arriving at 2 am-ish at the latest. In fact, with rain and traffic I end up getting tired quickly…. am sooo glad when the exits (and miles) tick down… 120…. 100…. 75… 45…

And then, I-94 splits from I-90/94… resetting itself to exit 140-something in the process.

Can you say... WTF???!!!!!!

Yeah, that was a lonnng night. Making matters worse, I got a speeding ticket coasting down a long desolate hill in some bufu town at whatever speed I was doing when the posted limit was 25. Made that donutmuncher's night. Bastard.

Heh... I don't know if I've ever made that particular error before, but I know I've made it... being thrown off by mile markers when interstates run together.

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