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File Under: Training update

I acquired a new trainee this week, yet another ringer.  Shane is from Columbus and already has 4 years of driving experience.  The company wants him to get 35 hours on a trainer truck so he can learn our administrative quirks with the respect to the Qualcomm.  So I'll have him for a few days then he'll get his own truck.

I talked to Erwin earlier this week and he has his own truck.

File Under: Do bees, be?  Do ducks, duck?

For the past couple of weeks I've been making my way through the first and second seasons of Moonlighting, one of my favorite shows of all time.  It was awesome seeing all of those old episodes I hadn't seen in nearly 20 years.  I can't wait for the release of the rest of the series.  It was interesting to watch the progession of the show from the 2-hour pilot through the star-studded season finale of year two, guest starring Judd Nelson and Whoopi Goldberg.  For instance, Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd locked-lips for the first time in season one, but not as Dave and Maddie - it was the black and white dream-sequence episode that was introduced by Orson Welles.  Their now infamous references and asides to television's "fourth wall" didn't begin until over half way through the second season.  For you young'uns who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's well worth checking out Disc 1 through Netflix or something before deciding if it's something of which you'd like to see more.  It's my guess you will.

File Under: Amazon junkie

A couple of weeks ago when I bought Moonlighting, I also bought the first and second season of The Ren & Stimpy Show which I haven't had a chance to digest, yet.  Last weekend, I also ordered season one of The Adventures Of Pete and Pete as well as Season Five of The Sopranos which should be waiting for me when I get home this evening.  I'm becoming a bit of a DVD junkie, in fact I began my first ever Amazon wishlist; not so much to whore it out for my blog but just to add stuff when I think of something so I don't forget it later.  I figure it'll make Christmas shopping for me easy on my mom this year, I'll just e-mail her the link.  In addition to all the DVD's I'm interested in acquiring, I've added all the Bloom County books I've been meaning to collect for years.  What's great about those is that, being old books of a dead comic strip, there are tons of used one available for like less than a dollar in most cases.  I've also added a few CD's, too, mostly novelty/obscure stuff that I've had a hard time, um, obtaining from other sources.

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I use my Amazon wishlist more for myself, too. I never expect people to buy me any of that stuff...and a lot of it is stuff I think is cool but don't want to own. I have ENOUGH junk!

Can we watch Pete & Pete together sometime? I miss that show so much.

Sure we can. At the very least, you're welcome to borrow them if we don't have time to watch them together. :)

Oh noes! Welfy, come back! I don't even know what happened, but it's not LJ without you. I even had to come and stalk soopageek, in hopes of finding out what happened. :-(

For cool-NYC-er points, I should mention that one of my new friends knows one of the Petes from Pete and Pete.

Now worship me.

But you're obviously not cool enough to know which one.

Oh, stop with your jealousy.

So do you have to go team for part of the training? At USX, after about the first week, you had to go team. It was fun, but tiring. good cash too

Yeah, for the first week or two with a fresh-out-of-school trainee they only give you miles that a solo driver can handle, because they know the trainer will be up observing a lot those first two weeks. AFter that, they start treating it more and more like a team. By the last 2-3 weeks, it's non-stop running.

And yeah, the paychecks those weeks are sweet.

Man, I remember "Moonlighting." It made 10PM on Tuesday nights cool.

Oh I know. I watched it every week.

Re-watching them on DVD confirmed my suspicions... I hadn't missed any episodes during it's original run - at least not the first two years.

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