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mmmmm, china buffet

Location: Spiceland, Indiana

Well, after my thoroughly incredible morning talking with my friend Agnieska, I embarked on my journey to Connecticut. Hungy, I decided to stop at my new haunt, the China Buffet in Paris. The lady who seems to run the place was there as usual, in a rather smashing purple halter top. She has exquisite shoulders. For the first time, there seemed to be a hint of recogition in her welcome, like my face was becoing familiar, but not enough to warrant a full blown "You again?" sort of greeting. As much as this is becoming habit, i'm sure it will only be a matter of time.

I have an immensely good time watching people and trying to figure out their stories or imagining their histories. This lady, it appears is the owner of this establishent. She wears no wedding band, yet there are two younger "asian" folk who are always there. One of them is a pretty girl, maybe in her late teens or early twenties and the other is a young boy with a rattail, who is about 10 or 11. Neither of them bear any resemblance to the older lady, however, I am suspicious of there being a large Asian population in a town of this size, so my assumption would be that they are more than likely related, if not her children. The older lady does have the hips of someone who has borne children, however, I'm doubtful she is old enough to be the mother of the young lady. To further speculate, I'm guessing the lady is either a widow, divorced, or has otherwise raised her children alone, given the lack of wedding band and a certain air of determination which seems to possess her spirit. She has the countenance of someone who has overcome obstacles and has been wildly successful at skirting them. The confidence which radiates from her is unmistakeable, somewhat contagious, and downright sexy.

After eating from the buffet, I decided to walk around outside a little with the cam and snap a few pictures. I figure since I talk about Paris somuch, I might as well preserve some of it visually. Here are five pictures. The first three are shots of the "main drag" with the water tower in the background. The other two are of the China Buffet with the Save-A-Lot besdie it responsible for the great Pop Tarts fiasco of 2003.

An internet acquaintance of mine has a compulsive music listening habit that consists of purverying some of the most obscure things he can get his hands on, largely long forgotten moldy oldies that most people don't remember. There are sometimes reasons why bands are obscure that are quite legitimate (they don't warrant the limelight, they are lightyears ahead of public taste, bad luck) and others which are inexplicable. The results of such a habit can be rewarding, however, as evidenced by me getting from him a copy of the only record ever made by the band Lollipop Shoppe in 1967, Just Colour. My friend didn't care for it and warned me when I expressed interest that it wasn't that good. Having listened to it in earnest now several times I must disagree. Of course, I am a fan of Fred Cole's current band, Dead Moon, so that probaly makes me biased. But I like this record, cheers for life's unexpected little treasures.

You're painting me green
You're talking obscene
You're making my life into a dream
You're wearing your colors to be like the others
An easy life in heaven with a thousand other guys
Yeah yeah!
You must be a witch
I don't need your lovin'!

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