It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

testing the sexxxmixxx

A while back, a friend of mine who shall remain nameless, offered a mini-mix of music which he called The Sexxxmixxx.  It was a collection of incredibly raunchy, commercial R&B that was all about the knockin' of the boots.  I was hesitant to listen, as this is not typically my musical style of choice for listening.  Raunchy it was, but it was his assertion that this was what sexually charged music was all about these days, so I vowed to put it to the rigorous soopageek test.

The results lie below.

Inspired by:
Foxy Brown, Pretty Ricky, R. Kelly, David Banner, 112, and Marques Houston
Tags: humor, photo, welfy
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