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testing the sexxxmixxx
A while back, a friend of mine who shall remain nameless, offered a mini-mix of music which he called The Sexxxmixxx.  It was a collection of incredibly raunchy, commercial R&B that was all about the knockin' of the boots.  I was hesitant to listen, as this is not typically my musical style of choice for listening.  Raunchy it was, but it was his assertion that this was what sexually charged music was all about these days, so I vowed to put it to the rigorous soopageek test.

The results lie below.

Inspired by:
Foxy Brown, Pretty Ricky, R. Kelly, David Banner, 112, and Marques Houston
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*standing ovation*
*adds to memories*

This cracked me up. And made me touch myself intimately.

you shoulda taken pictures ;-)

i can't believe i saw this SECOND after your crossposting of my mixxx.

this may be the single funniest thing i have ever seen on livejournal.

thank you, for both your appreciation and your tireless voyeurism.

i am going to pull a SOOPAGEEK and ask you to make this public.

(Screened comment)
Congratulations. I literally just lolled at a post for the first time in a very very long time. Kudos.

That last picture is particularly sexy.

Thanks, ma'am.

I assume by sexy you mean welfy 'cause I look like big ol' 'tard.

BRILLIANT!!!! Author, author!

(I have not laughed this hard or this long (or this loud, much to the chagrin of my upstairs neighbors) in a long, long time.)

Aww thanks. Glad you gots some lulz out of it.

Pure. Genius.

(Crosscommented?) :)

you just made me chuckle so loud that my pop wants to know what's so funny.

"ummm, *looks shifty* it's just that danged marmaduke!" uh, yeah.

And you get double the fun in my journal!

The only thing better than seeing this on my friends list is seeing this TWICE IN A ROW on my friends list.

I believe it is my dream in life to one day find a livejournal girl who would love me enough to take pics like this with me, and that we would have other livejournal friends in common and that our pictures like this would show up twice in a row on their friends list.

You guys are the best. :)

Aww thanks. Yeah, welf's a champ about humoring my cornball photography ideas. This was certainly one of my weirder ones.

you guys are awesome.

(PS- love the lighting in these!)

i was surprised i was able to get the quality of photos i did in such low light. i was afraid they'd be too blurry without a flash but they weren't.

i still think they're a tad dark.

oh great.... ed_aims says Thanks, she might try this in video form for a project....perhaps using some Notre Dame Profs as actors..... heh....I hope she is kidding.

I love the iconoclastic images, the almost classic 50's domesticity, reminiscent of the "Father Knows Best" era of TV, but when I got to thinking of "Leave it to Beaver"................I don't think I can ever look at Mrs. Cleaver the same way again.


Yeah when I was brainstorming the idea, I figured it'd be funnier if we went over-the-top with the idyllic suburbanite image. I called welfy that afternoon and was like "Do you have man's tobacco pipe somewhere around there?" And then I was like, "Do you have a tea set?"

She managed to scrounge them up and we kinda went from there.

This is some perfect demented genius, you know that right? I love you two. So funny it hurts. Kudos.

I dunno about genius but definitely demented.

MRSSLK needs to see this...

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