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After doing some additional reading on the website, I don't know that they necessarily scooped me, but my inclination is still that they did. One thing that gives me pause is one very interesting reference on my page which they make no mention of. As a fan of the Beastie Boys' music and their knack for inside jokes and references, I've always found it to be a rather neat inside joke that, on their song "Car Thief", Adam Horovitz raps the line "I'm a dusted old bummy hurdy gurdy man". Immediately after that line is a drum sample from the song "Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan. Donovan's last name is Leitch, and is the father of the actress Ione Skye Leitch, who, at the time of the recording of that song, was married to... yep, Adam Horovitz. Their page acknowledges the sample, but makes no mention of Donovan, Ione Skye, and Adam Horotvitz's relationship. So, who knows.

But it is still eerie. For instance, on some songs, every single reference matches my own, with no additions and no omissions. For the samples, they sometimes list them in the exact same order as I did. Since I didn't list them in any particular order (alphabetical, chronological, etc) this also makes me suspicious. However, in addition to leaving some pertienent information out, as in the Donovan thing, they also have things which I do not (bastards...). So, again, I dunno.

Maybe in the interest of helping, rather than sending a letter and be accusing, I should send a letter and offer my information and help. At least that way I would receive some mention in thier "props" section of their page, then all of this would be a moot point, because really, that's all I want. Given the overwhelming amount of information this page has (nearly complete tour histories, amazingly detailed discographies) this page will likely supplant my own at some point in the future. It'd just be nice to be remembered for having had my little place in the process that started eons ago with the old Paul's Boutique Samples and References page, which inspired me to publish my own knowledge and research online. While I may not have been out-and-out plagairized, there seems to be some hint that one, two, or both of the people given "props" for their work on Beastiemania's "song spotlight" probably at some point read my page. Rather than be an asshole about it, I guess it might be a more noble thing to suck up a little bit of pride and welcome the new kid on the block.

I love the site. I stumbled across it this morning while doing some searches. My primary reason for this letter, aside from some deserving praise, is to offer some assistance in the form of information.

For the past 5 years I have run a website called Beastie Boys Lyrics Annotated. Like your website, it is for fans and non-commerical. Like your "song spotlight" section, it is an attempt to chase down references and samples. While I still prefer my format of listing the notations within the text of the lyrics so they can be read together, I also recognize what you are attempting to do and have the utmost respect for it. After rummaging around in your "song spotlight" section, I found that everything mentioned, I likewise have mentioned in my own notations, with some minor differences. However, I found a good deal of things missing from your notations that Beastie Boys fans might find interesting. One interesting tidbit, as an example of what I mean:

In your notations for "Car Thief" you make mention of the sampling of Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man". What you don't mention is that Adam Horovitz does the vocals for the line "I'm a dusted old bummy hurdy gurdy man" immediately followed by the sample. Donovan, whose lastname is Leitch, is the father of Ione Skye, whose last name is also Leitch. Of course, Ione Skye and Adam Horovitz were married/dating around the time of the that recording.

This is only one example, I detected some others, albeit, not as monumental as this one. I'm not writing any of this to pick at you, but in the way of offering my work to become incorporated into your own if you wish. All I ask for is some appropriate credit on your props page or however you deem fit, if you choose to do so. The reason I do this is for the community of Beastie Boys fans out there and no other reason. My own page, like yours, is a work-in-progress and has had the benefit of 5 years worth of input from the Beastie Boys fan community in addition to my own research.

Should you decide this is something you would like to do, I suppose we could approach it from two different angles.

1) You could sick someone on my site and they can run through it and decide what they want to use, if anything, and keep checking back for updates.

2) I could send you a list of my notations that currently do not appear in your notations. This might take me some time, but I'd eventually get around to it ;-) Any future "discoveries" I make I would send you a little update.

Concerning information flowing from your page to mine. In respecting your "intellectual property" statement I'm seeking permission to use information that might be useful to my site culled from yours. As stated previously, there are few differences, and they are minor at that, but in the spirit of being as accurate with the information on my page as possible, I'm interested in using your page as a resource in my on-going research. Of course, proper credit would be given were I to use any. Please let me know if this okay or not.

Finally, as a token to the spirit of contribution and hopefully directly or indirectly collaborating and pooling our resources where they converge, I will send you something for another part of your page. I attended the opening gig of the Licensed To Ill tour in 1986. They opened that tour in Louisville, KY which is not listed in your gigography I still have the ticket stub, which I will scan and send to you along with a review/recollection of my experience that night. I'll have to dig it out later to accomplish this. But, this will at least give you another gig to add. The ticket stub will have all the pertinent information as to date and what-not. I know Murphy's Law and Fishbone were the other artists on the bill and that the venue was Louisville Gardens, but I can't recall the date off the top of my head.

Also, I have some pictures of the building at 59 Chrystie St. I took on a recent trip to NYC. If you're interested, lemme know.

Again, you have a wonderful site and the attempts being made to be comprehensive is impressive and laudable. As a Beastie Boys fan, keep up the good work.


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