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saying goodbye

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Awwww..... So what'd you end up getting?

2006 Century...

it had 40 miles on it when I picked it up :)

awwww. how sweet!

Thanks for the gallery!! =D

Saying goodbye to vehicles can be very hard. It seems silly, but it happens.

A while back I started keeping photos of my old cars. I have a little directory devoted to them on my hard drive :)

And you said *I* would win Dork of the Year...

Seriously though, this entry made me tear up. And I'm glad you have a trainee who is cool enough to take silly pictures of you, in my absence. :^)

Russell looked at me a little weird when I told him what I wanted to do, but he was a good sport about it.

I was wondering ...

...what they do with those when they're retired....break'em down for spare parts?....recondition them and sell them to somebody?....or do they all sit in a massive truck graveyard somewhere?

Resell them. A fleet maintained truck can actually have a pretty good resale value (assuming the fleet's maintenance department has a decent reputation). I wouldn't be surprised if they can get 45K-50K for that truck.

That'll be the day I say goodbye to my car.

I was talking to the lovely welfy last night, and she was talking about you, and it suddenly occurred to me: why haven't I added this incredibly cool person, of whom I hear all the time? So I did. I love your pictures and your travel stories.

Added ya back! And thank you for the endorsement. Hopefully with all the new found access to the boring friends-only entries you won't be scared away. ;-)


It's touching that in the emotion of the moment, you parked it the wrong way around!

Actually there's a reason for that. What you can't see is that just left of the truck, out of view in the photo, is the new truck parked properly. Russell and I had just finished moving-out. We had parked the two trucks side-by-side in this fashion so that the large, cab side-door on the passenger-side of the respective trucks were facing one another, to facilitate the move-out/move-in. :)


I hug my cars before I trade them in/sell them.

it's so easy to get attached to them :)

Oh, that was a hug. I was about to ask if you chafed yourself on the radiator screen/ bug guard. One can never be to sure. I loves me truck too, but I can think of a better place to hump it. >=)

Maybe his truck mistook Soopa for a large bug and tried to run him down!

and as i thought, wouldnt it had been funny if the mirror broke while hugging it?? ....hope the new truck is as full of memories as the old one.

That is such a cool picture. I'm sorry you had to say good-bye to your truck. My only question is -- is the next truck the purple one next to you? If so, you HAVE to come by here sometime so that I can get my picture taken with an awesomely purple truck. ;-)

unfortunately the purple truck is not mine. i have a regular ol' blue one.

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