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saying goodbye

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Resell them. A fleet maintained truck can actually have a pretty good resale value (assuming the fleet's maintenance department has a decent reputation). I wouldn't be surprised if they can get 45K-50K for that truck.

Re: I was wondering ...

It could still be driven, right? This one man I know has a truck with over 1 million miles on it.

Absolutely. Look on eBay Motors - you'll see trucks for sale with well over 1 million miles.

Re: I was wondering ...

wow, how much is the average NEW tractor worth? like 250-300k?

I'm really not sure - I've only seen prices on used ones. But if you think of them as being roughly analogous to a car with 40,000 miles, you can get an idea of what the proportion might look like.

Re: I was wondering ...

The tractors my company purchases are typically near the $100K range... but I'm sure they get a fleet discount in the neighborhood of 20-25%

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