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with your cloak full of eagles
clad in black
don't look back
and i love you

you're dirty, sweet, and you're my girl
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And now share the super-naughty ones you took right after these. :)

the super-naughtiness occurred prior to the photo-taking ;-)

It really disappoints me that there aren't more views of the ones where her boob's hangin' out.

Come on, pervy friends. Get your acts together.

the world can't be all boobs all the time...

..wait what am i saying?

YOWZA NSFW PEOPLE (hides window soopafast)

awww... i'm sorry... i thought about putting it behind a cut, but i didn't think it was THAT bad...

Journey to T-Rex and pics to go with it...

You, sir, are my hero.


I head a new Journey song today... it was awful.

New and improved Steve Perry (i.e. the infant they got to replace the singer) is decent, but their songwriting has taken a header.

And Steve Perry Classic will still always be the voice of Journey to me, anyway...

Ah, growing up, trying to cop a feel with a Journey song in the background. :)

I'll bang your gong! (get it on!)

Love you ♥

you should start charging admission

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