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/mode LARM -o

...or so it would seem

To: soopageek
From: minga

Date: 11/22/2005

hey soopa, it's Minga

so larm is too busy working to IRC

but during the day his girlfriend (who he lives with) get on irc as him

She got on the other day and said this:

(LARM#mp3indie) larm and i got engaged on sat night

didnt he learn ANYTHING from you !?!?!?


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but i heard you squeed. so...you know...what is there to learn really?

i dunno why i made this a public entry... you and maybe 3-4 other people will even get this ;-)

umm. its the message that concerns me...the multi-colored-dildo-looking object on the book. Also, that's it turned to "install", because if you didn't know how to "install" one, then I would worry ;)

I think it's time for my medicine now
*calling eastern state now*

i have no relation to this post or actual contextual knowledge of anything going on here, but i'm pretty sure that is a pocket pipe for some kind of medicinal herb. my sister slipped on one while we were in the hippy-filled redwood forests of Northern California and it emitted a cloud of ash that smelled vaguely contraband.

right. right. he has, um, glaucoma.

"Smelled Vaguely Contraband" would be an awesome album title.

you know...Im actually going to agree with you on that. even sounds like something by the "Combustible Bunnies Records" ;-)

I don't know what's worse.. the thought of LARM getting married or the fact that all those people still hang out in that channel. :/

I dunno when the last time you were in there, but "hang out" is pretty much all that happens; people leave themselves logged in just because they always have and occasionally a conversation happens.

dat's a pretty pipe... makes me wish mine didn't break...

Darn. And here I am in Kentucky and I actually um, *might* have something of that nature on me right now... (stupid public entry!)


does that mean I have to show you "the collection"?

are you going to share? i already had my "nature" screen for the job im after :-p

I unfortunately don't have the substance that goes IN the pipe. :^( I think my mom tossed what few shreds I had left. (she knows I smoke but she likes throwing away stuff too)

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