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stuck in Russell... not THAT Russell
Location: Russell, KS

On my way to Denver last night, my progress was impeded by the weather. Things were windy and manageable until I got west of Salina, KS as the snow began to set in. The Kansas DOT closed I-70 at exit 184 in the small town of Russell. I got here about 3am this morning and will likely be here until sometime tomorrow. I found out after checking the DOT website that Kansas has closed I-70 from here all the way to the Colorado border.

Additionally, Colorado has closed all westbound traffic from their state line to the town of Limon, CO.

That means 275 miles of westbound interstate completely closed to traffic. That also means that the little town of Russell is overflowing with travellers of all sorts. All of the motels are booked, which isn't much of an issue for travellers like myself who have their truck to sleep in comfortably, but for the average motorist it's been a nightmare. When I got in this morning, there were people sleeping in their cars in the parking lots of the motels and restaurants.

I was lucky when I got here this morning. There's a small truckstop here which was already overflowing with trucks. Up and down the service road alongside U.S. 281, trucks were already lining the curb. I found a small dead-end gravel lane between a Sonic burger joint and a Days Inn motel with questionable internet access, the only amenity making this delay in my workweek bearable.

As the day has progressed, the highway here has become more and more clogged with parked vehicles whose only options are to stay here or venture back eastward indefinitely in search of lodging/parking. The cars are not as noticeable, tucked neatly into the parking lots but the trucks don't really have anywhere else to go except to find whatever space they can which isn't an obstruction to the local traffic.

Now that night has fallen there's no hope of getting out of here until at least day break tomorrow. If I had to take a guess, I'd venture it'll be more like late morning or the afternoon. Until then, I'm sure the trucks will keep piling up along the roadside, waiting out mother nature.

(Relevant photo album at photos.soopageek.com)

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i sure HOPE not that russell.

I had no idea Colorado was so close to Kansas! Just goes to show how much I know my US geography! I used to know how all the states were set up, back when my family drove west, but now once I hit Kentucky, everything else is just a vague blob.

Another reason why I should hit the road with you again, huh? Though I don't want to get stuck in any snowstorms. Maybe a monsoon or two.

(Deleted comment)
Feh. I've lived in Pennsylvania all my life. You can have my snow if you want. I'm sick of it.

I agree! Doesn't it seem to snow 8 months out of the year in PA? And I live just south of Lake Erie so we get all of those annoying lake winds and snow. I'm glad I don't live IN Erie.

I'll trade you. I'd much rather be in the deep south than in this mess. :)

I think you should wait until it's warmer anyway. It's hard to get out and do anything when it's so cold. :)

Oh, there's lots of things we can do INSIDE. But you're right; it's much more fun when it's warm outside.

Yeah but you can do those fun things inside regardless of the weather outdoors. With warm weather we have options. :)

hmmm...that doesn't seem like that much snow. it must be really bad near the border. i'm about two hours southwest of limon and we have zero snow.

No, it's not a lot of snow. But there's a lot of wind and everything is icy. It's 5:30 am here now and I just walked across three ice-covered parking lots.

I'm sure the highway is pretty much the same.

Whereabouts do you live southwest of Limon?

pueblo, colorado

we have it quite interesting. we hardly ever get the major snowfalls that hit colorado springs or denver. the storms seem to always blow in to the south or north of us. once every four or five years we get a major storm but for the most part, we're like a desert city in the winter: cold at night, fifties during the day.

I agree with sequential_coma...
that doesn't LOOK like much snow. Is there a lot of ice on the road or something?

It's the wind and ice that are making things treacherous. Everything is lightly glossed over with a thin layer if ice.

That's how it was outside of Akron when I had my accident. Not much snow at all, but there was ice forming. Needless to say, I did not SPEED to Kentucky.

What really shits me is you wrote this stuck in Colorado, wanting to be someplace else, and I am here in Australia, wanting to be in a small place just south of where you wrote this. Kind of a cruel joke in LJ land.

Best regards to you, Soops old boy.

Actually, I was in Kansas at the time I wrote that. But I have made it to Colorado now ;-).

What part of CO does Mary live in?

I'd rather not name the town as it's very small and everybody knows everybody and lj is really a small world, but it is just a bit to the south of the line you drew along that highway on the map, very close.

All I have to say is:

OMGSonic. I want it now.

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