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stuck in Russell... not THAT Russell

Location: Russell, KS

On my way to Denver last night, my progress was impeded by the weather. Things were windy and manageable until I got west of Salina, KS as the snow began to set in. The Kansas DOT closed I-70 at exit 184 in the small town of Russell. I got here about 3am this morning and will likely be here until sometime tomorrow. I found out after checking the DOT website that Kansas has closed I-70 from here all the way to the Colorado border.

Additionally, Colorado has closed all westbound traffic from their state line to the town of Limon, CO.

That means 275 miles of westbound interstate completely closed to traffic. That also means that the little town of Russell is overflowing with travellers of all sorts. All of the motels are booked, which isn't much of an issue for travellers like myself who have their truck to sleep in comfortably, but for the average motorist it's been a nightmare. When I got in this morning, there were people sleeping in their cars in the parking lots of the motels and restaurants.

I was lucky when I got here this morning. There's a small truckstop here which was already overflowing with trucks. Up and down the service road alongside U.S. 281, trucks were already lining the curb. I found a small dead-end gravel lane between a Sonic burger joint and a Days Inn motel with questionable internet access, the only amenity making this delay in my workweek bearable.

As the day has progressed, the highway here has become more and more clogged with parked vehicles whose only options are to stay here or venture back eastward indefinitely in search of lodging/parking. The cars are not as noticeable, tucked neatly into the parking lots but the trucks don't really have anywhere else to go except to find whatever space they can which isn't an obstruction to the local traffic.

Now that night has fallen there's no hope of getting out of here until at least day break tomorrow. If I had to take a guess, I'd venture it'll be more like late morning or the afternoon. Until then, I'm sure the trucks will keep piling up along the roadside, waiting out mother nature.

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