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winter in oregon
mt shasta
Location: Boise, ID

Joseph and I spent the last 24 hours driving into and back out of Oregon. The drive out was nasty and snowy for most of it, but we made it out ALIVE!

The drive in yesterday, however, while snowy at times was beautiful. The route we took wound around Crater Lake through the redwoods. I stopped to take some picutres and woke Joseph up to check out the view. I had intended to get a lot more photos, including some with Joseph in them, but my batteries died and my backup set wasn't charged either. Some day, I'll learn the hard way from my procrastination.

There's a total of 10 photos in the album.
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Looks like a beautiful drive.

BTW, I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy your photos.

Awww thanks. I need constant validation because I never feel like I know what the hell I'm doing. :)

That is why I love winter and continue to live in Minnesota. I could never survive in a place where it didn't snow.

Yeah but Minnesota is, like, crazy insane winter! You're all freaks!

This is true...but instead of "freak" I like to say BAD ASS!

So you survived the ARTIC BLAST OF EPIC PROPORTIONS... good jaerb!

Great shots. The one with the truck really illustrates the sheer massiveness of redwoods.

yeah that's kinda what i was goin' for... to use the truck as a point of reference :)

Kinda silly, but I almost bought some tree kits for my railroad layout that would have had the same effect... unfortunately they don't grow 'em that tall in the land of cheese ;)

my partner is from oregon, so we've driven through that area several times, and it's gorgeous! and you're right, it can get pretty hairy! glad you made it through all right. great pictures!

what part of oregon do you usually drive through?

i made my usual stop in Caldwell this morning, too ;-) ifit hadn't been dark i'd have taken some pictures for you :)

Remember when you said last night that you were the farthest away from me you've ever been while talking on the phone with me?

These pictures just made me realize how far away you are and it made me miss you. But at least you're somewhere super-pretty. :^)

i can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant

but nothing compares 2 u

Well, if you're hungry, you know where to come.

(Deleted comment)
yeah... there's nothing else quite like seeing an entire forest of redwoods. they make other trees seem like nuffin'

your photos make me want to drive a truck

I just may take you up on that offer some day

God I'm tired of this "Office Space" like existence

Didn't I say the horizontal truck picture was better?


I'm a loner Katie... a rebel.

I don't want to get mixed up with a guy like you.

oh wow...see, that is so lovely to me. one is hard pressed to find roads like this in Maryland, at least near me. i'd love to drive (in non snow) on roads like that in this image.

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