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Voice Post:
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
22K 0:07
“My impression of Glenn Danzig... "Mother!"”

Transcribed by: soopageek

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You interrupted me listening to the song "Good Morning Captain" for THAT?

I (in Aaron's words) "AWTC". :-)

Every time Soop makes a phone post, a puppy dies.

Wow im gonna have to agree with the Welfster on this one. I mean WTF? was there alcohol involved with that? Did the trainee beat you in a bet and that was what you had to do? or better yet in the spirit of XMas, was it a "triple dog dare"?

Not bad, but you forgot to get knocked out.

I keep waiting... but the "fucka" doesn't come!

^ *Please note the above line has never been uttered by my wife at any time...

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