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Location: Dorksville, PA

Last night, I finally got to see welfy again. We hadn't seen each other since Thanksgiving. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

After all the fonding, we went into Boardman for some late-night sushi then came back to her house. See, for the past couple of weeks, Welf has been working on a gift for me for Christmas. I have been aware that all of our mutual friends have been in on the secret for some time thanks to a series of LiveJournal entries from which I was filtered. All I knew until this point is that all of her friends thought it was the most awesome present ever. It made people cry. People were jealous.

So for the past couple of weeks I've been referring to this forthcoming gift as "The Present of Weeping and Envy". Needless to say, it was a gift with a reputation that preceded it. It now was being given with high-exepctations.

For Christmas, Welf made for me a scrapbook. But not just any scrapbook. It's only the most perfect, awesome, and best scrapbook in the history of scrapbooks. I'm sure some of you are thinking this overly enthusiastic boyfriend hyperbole.

You haven't seen it. But you can. Thanks to Welf's work-in-progress photos for her LJ entries, there is an entire gallery devoted to the scrapbook, from start to finish. For the purposes of this entry, I'll give you just a taste....

It's a brief history of our time together, pieced together with photos and words from songs, poems, and our own LiveJournals. For instance, she brought to life the LiveJournal comment conversation which lead to our first meeting. It even has our user icons!

It is an amazing book from beginning to end; amazing in concept, amazing in design.

But most of all, it's amazing in its thoughtfulness. Of course, I'd expect nothing less. It came from an amazing person.

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Oh my god, how perfect was your gift! *steals idea*

You know that you never really had the chance to dislike it, right? I mean, that was never an option. We'd have ganged up on ya and ... well.. anyways.
I'm glad you like it, I think it's beautiful and sweet... much like your lady. You're a lucky guy :-)

You know that you never really had the chance to dislike it, right? I mean, that was never an option. We'd have ganged up on ya and

Yeah, that!!! LOL

Glad you love! She did such a great job! I'm jealous b/c I don't think my scrapbooking skills are nearly that good!

She has a knack for the artistic. She should've studied graphic design.

I considered commercial art when I was 15, and was going to transfer to Vo-Tech, but decided against it because they didn't have marching band or musicals, and the Vo-Tech has minimal windows and that made me uneasy. :^)

that is just too cool! i adore the book!

Awe and respect to the both of you. That's more or less what I wanted to do for my Taiwan scrapbook, except like.. better... much much better.

Very sweet and thoughtful! :)

It was fun to be in on that secret and then get your reaction to it. I, like everyone else, think it's pretty much the best gift ever and certainly the coolest scrapbook I've ever seen. Usually scrapbooks are cheesy and full of flowers and kittens or something and made as a 45 year old housewife hobby, but this one made me want one too!

it's definitely the coolest scrapbook i've ever seen

Scrapbooks are big with cheesy college chicks who want to get their MRS Degree, too, I've learned. And missionaries. Since we have like zillions of pictures from our trips. I always got too lazy to make mine fancy though.

You ARE going to meet me someday so we can be BFF, right? :^D


This makes me smile sooooo much.

(Only partially because I (at least somewhat) gave her the idea).

Happy new year to you. You are a lucky, lucky boy. :)

Yeah I was told you had a hand in the ideas stage. It was a good one.

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