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states i've had sex in map

create your own states-I've-had-sex-in map (with a little hacking)

darlin can't you see my signals turn from green to red
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You're just like crosstown traffic!

the mood line is too short. it cut off part of my lyric! :(

We're sneaking over the Ohio state line for some carnal knowledge next time I visit ;-)

Technical question.. should road hand and/or blowjobs count? I don't want to turn my map into a house of lies..

I counted everything but self-masturbation :)

i ain't the playa you are (take two)

Re: i ain't the playa you are (take two)

that's not bad though... 8 to my 11...

it's too bad I couldn't color Mexico and Canada with this map :)

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, I couldn't even begin to count.
(Hell - I can't even count partners without doing a mathematical equation, but I'm from a different time)

IOW: You still have some work to do, but hey, summer's coming...

...and hopefully i can, uh, work my way west of the Mississippi ;-)

i presume you marked Nevada because of your stint at the Mustang Ranch?

This is what happens when you marry someone who only has sex on vacations (and only then with some convincing).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

maybe there should be an honorable mention for "International Slut" ;-)

you'n the missus oughta take time for a quickie in Indiana during one your treks to Chicagoland ;-)

Re: I've the sadest map of all

we'll just hold our breath for a virgin to comment with their map ;-)

that's a dubious distinction at this date ;-)

I think this is about right

Re: I think this is about right

You better hope that's about right ;-)


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