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states i've had sex in map

create your own states-I've-had-sex-in map (with a little hacking)

darlin can't you see my signals turn from green to red
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i will agree that handjobs might be pushing it... but, personally, i think any contact of genitalia with an orifice of another person constitutes sex... the orifice is of little consequence, but preferably it's one of the wet ones.

au contraire, mon frere. anything other than the RIGHT orifice AS GOD INTENDED is not only not sex, it's SIN and UNNATURAL.

unless i'm orally pleasuring a woman, in which case it's great and biblical and all. but it still ain't sex.

hahaha, your oral sex is biblical?

the results are always of biblical proportions, yes.

Hopefully it doesn't involve the weeping and gnashing of teeth!

But sometimes that's a good sign!

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