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states i've had sex in map

create your own states-I've-had-sex-in map (with a little hacking)

darlin can't you see my signals turn from green to red
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you'n the missus oughta take time for a quickie in Indiana during one your treks to Chicagoland ;-)

Yeah, you'd think that woulda happened by now...

But the way I see it, blasting through IN like a bat out of hell is a sure-fire way to guarantee celebratory "we're still alive!" sex upon arrival, every time ;)

Yeah, "we're still alive" is the truth.... party under the sheets like there's no tomorrow!!!!

Yeah, and I can think of here is: 1) the baby asking what's going on (as she's learning to talk) or 2) the officer asking what's going on.... I kinda loss that sense of adventure when I got a "state" job where I'm in the public eye, kinda thing... eeeeek

But not to say that wouldn't be adventurous.

Hey Hon... maybe we need that mini van after all with the extra dark tinted windows. LOL

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