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states i've had sex in map

create your own states-I've-had-sex-in map (with a little hacking)

darlin can't you see my signals turn from green to red
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What? No Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania is for lovers!

I think the Commonwealth of Virginia would disagree with you on that.

Yes, and Virginia is a good place for lovers. I think that was one of our (GIC's and I) more Remember-able trips.....

Really? This is what I found when I went googling...amazing!

For Soop, it's always an invitation. :^)

Humph! So my business is no longer welcome at this establishment? See if I don't go back to Virginia instead!

Good day madam!

We've never been to Penn together... unless you count the train trip through.

Sex on a train!

Hehe, you called it Penn. Maybe non-Pennsylvanians call it that? We all call it Pee-Ay. :^)

We were in coach. Don't think that would've worked. LOL!!!!! But yeah, sex on a train is one those I do plan to check off my list someday... like maybe sex in a rig... :-)

I've always thought sex in the bathroom of a Greyhound bus would be interesting.

As opposed to the bathroom of a Greyhound bus station. That's just gross.

(ok I couldn't help but use our "new" state logo, b/c i think it's funny)

Public bathroom sex would be gross, i think, no matter where.

On the other hand, we could have given the term "Observation Car" a new and improved meaning...

Well, that's better than us calling our Mothaland "Kay-Why"...

I think we're the only state that calls itself by its initials.

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