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For the geekier among you:

Since joining Sprint last week, I have not been able to access the bulk of the website. I've concluded that it is a problem on my end, that for some reason the entire sprintpcs.com domain is inaccessible to me (however sprint.com is, which is useless for accessing anything). I've discovered I cannot even ping the domain. I have XP's firewall turned off, I don't seem to have any viruses or malware, and this installation of the OS is fairly new (2-3 months, tops)... so I'm stumped. I haven't had any access to another machine for testing, but I've had Welf ping the domain and she gets a reply just fine.

What else could be causing this?

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There must be a wonky DNS server out there somewhere, because I can't seem to get to Yahoo, homestarrunner or a few other heavies. Could be related, could be a coincidence...?

Also, sprintpcs.com redirects me to Sprint.com... which has a bunch of nextel-merger stuff plastered all over it. Maybe that's part of the problem (could also support the DNS theory).

It does the same redirection for me too! (on both the mac laptop and pc desktop).

Yeah, I figure it's supposed to do that, but if there's a DNS server out there that's not redirecting, it might explain soopa's problem. Long shot though. At any rate... he should be able to get by using Sprint.com?

Oh, sorry; I didn't catch that. Unfortunately those subdomains are indeed opening for me now (as are the other sites I was having problems with earlier). As for what else to try / could be wrong with your machine, I'm afraid I'm out of ideas beyond what japolo suggested.

At the risk of sounding to beat the dead horse, you could flush your local DNS cache (ipconfig /flushdns) and see if that helps. Sometimes the gods smile when I do that; most of the time, not so much. Doesn't hurt to try though.

"sprint PCS has moved..." in the firefox title bar ~1sec --> sprint.com

with big HAY WIRELESS!!!! links on the front page.

you don't understand... yes sprint's main page has moved to sprint.com, but their various links ON the sprint.com page go to subdomains of "sprintpcs.com"... for isntance, if you try to login to My PCS Wireless, it attempts to log you in at "manage.sprintpcs.com"... similarily, the Wireless Online store also goes to a subdomain of sprintpcs.com.

it sounds without a doubt like their shit is just broken and they are playing dumb.

i'd try calling them back again. the problem isn't your computer.

and based on anecdotal experiences with sprint, if you were within the 3-day contract cancellation period, i'd recommend that, but... split milk, i guess.

hrm. maybe not. i just tried to access a nonexistent account and pulled up manage.sprintpcs.com just fine.

i still say the problem is theirs but it's not very simple.

yeah.. it is theirs. i'm on wifi tonight rather than on the evdo card... i can access everthing just fine.

call dey azzes and be like BITCH SIT DOWN

or somthn

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