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For the geekier among you:

Since joining Sprint last week, I have not been able to access the bulk of the website. I've concluded that it is a problem on my end, that for some reason the entire sprintpcs.com domain is inaccessible to me (however sprint.com is, which is useless for accessing anything). I've discovered I cannot even ping the domain. I have XP's firewall turned off, I don't seem to have any viruses or malware, and this installation of the OS is fairly new (2-3 months, tops)... so I'm stumped. I haven't had any access to another machine for testing, but I've had Welf ping the domain and she gets a reply just fine.

What else could be causing this?

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Hey, weird. I use Sprint too and have a similar-ish problem with their website. At home, on multiple computers, via Cox cable, I can get to all of the sprintpcs.com domain stuff like Manage Your Account, etc. But at work I can't. I assume it was a firewall thing because it's fine from home. I've always had this problem, even before they moved/merged and all that. I can login to my account but that's about it.

I'm going to try the stuff suggested above out of curiosity and see what I get, if I remember. I always forget to try my laptop when I bring it to the office too, that'd be interesting to see if it worked.

It definitely has something to do with being on Sprint's network. Tonight I'm on WiFi because I'm off the Sprint network in a roaming area... I can access the website just fine.

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