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For the geekier among you:

Since joining Sprint last week, I have not been able to access the bulk of the website. I've concluded that it is a problem on my end, that for some reason the entire sprintpcs.com domain is inaccessible to me (however sprint.com is, which is useless for accessing anything). I've discovered I cannot even ping the domain. I have XP's firewall turned off, I don't seem to have any viruses or malware, and this installation of the OS is fairly new (2-3 months, tops)... so I'm stumped. I haven't had any access to another machine for testing, but I've had Welf ping the domain and she gets a reply just fine.

What else could be causing this?

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hrm. maybe not. i just tried to access a nonexistent account and pulled up manage.sprintpcs.com just fine.

i still say the problem is theirs but it's not very simple.

yeah.. it is theirs. i'm on wifi tonight rather than on the evdo card... i can access everthing just fine.

call dey azzes and be like BITCH SIT DOWN

or somthn

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