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..and I'll tell you one more thing: I faked every orgasm
Location: Wichita, KS

While in Denver yesterday I procured a new trainee. His name is Bill. He was a driver for 2.5 years but has been away for a while. Due to this fact, he only has to complete 70 hours of training. In short, he knows how to drive, he's just a little rusty and needs to learn the peculiars of working for my company.

Unbeknownst to me, I shot myself in the foot by obtaining him. See, I thought this would insure me getting home in a timely fashion this weekend, but when I let my dispatched know I had a trainee onboard again, one who could already drive... she asked me if I would be interested in taking a load from Ferdinand, IN to Bakersfield, CA to be delivered on Saturday. I respectfully declined, as I was denied an opportunity to go home last weekend, and had already been formulating plans with welfy who was coming for a visit to Kentucky.

Later that morning, while talking with my dispatcher by phone about some paperwork I needed faxed to me, she said "You're not entirely off the hook on that California run". Apparently, it's a fairly hot load and they don't have many options at their disposal for getting it there. She said they were looking for another way to make it work. I told her that I'd be hard pressed to have it there by Saturday, as with my current load, I can't even make it to Ferdinand to pick it up until late Thursday night.

So later in the afternoon, I received my pre-assignment for the next load: I was going to Bakersfield.

Around midnight, after striking a particularly nasty bump in the road, the "check engine" light illuminated the dash. After speaking with road breakdown, it was determined that it was a transmission problem. Specifically, 8th gear is "missing" in the Top 2 auto. This same thing happened just a couple of weeks after I got the truck back in November. It stranded me and Russell in Scranton for a day.

So now I'm sitting in a Freightliner dealership in Wichita. I've been informed that their transmission mechanic doesn't come in until 7:30am, so I'm at least sitting here over-night. At the moment it's unclear what this will do to the California trip or the weekend.

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Wow. Shitty. Reminds me of a Kia I once towed that had 7,000 miles and was going in for it's third transmission.

Hopefully they'll pull CA off you.

Yikes. Remind me never to get a Kia.

Apparently it was something wrong with the fault-sensor. The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with it. He started it back up and the warning light was gone. We road tested it, still ran just fine. We sat in Wichita all night for nothing basically.

Ech. And left in time to get to Bakersfield?

I'm stil waiting on word whether or not we're still taking that. There's no way we can get there before Sunday evening now.

I have a Kia with a mere 1000 miles on it and am very happy with it so far. Have you ever heard of Truckmovers.com?

I wasn't familiar with them until now, but I am familiar with drive-away work, somewhat. In fact, there's a pwerson on my f-list from your part of the world who does it... kaseymoe (KC MO, get it?)

I'm starting to think you're doing this damage to the truck yourself so that you can see Welfy this weekend. Although a wonderful plan, is it really the correct way to go about things?? ;-)

I'm sure my dispatcher is thinking the same thing, especially now since it ended up not being anything at all. But I swear I didn't do anything to sabotage my truck.

I thought you had gotten new wheels.

I did! But apparently htat pot hole was too much for it and made some sensor go all whacky.


Hey, how much technology do they have hooked up these days to monitor truck performance?

I'm not sure that I'm really qualified to answer your question, but it's a crap-tonnne, between the onboard sensors and computers that can be diagnosed via laptop connection port. Some critical sensor information is actually beamed by satellite to HQ... for instance, if the truck auto-shutsdown due to low coolant; they know it in Nebraska.

That last part is what I was looking for. For example, is the missing gear beamed down to Nebraska?

Too bad my brother isn't around you - he could help, and would definitely be able to answer those questions. He's a diesel mechanic for Ryder.

I have a ton of respect for you guys. This country would fall to its knees without you.

True that. It's one thing that scares me about the entire prospect of "peak oil" and the fact that we likely run out of petroleum in our lifetime... there simply is no alternative source which can keep the trucks moving, and I don't think some people realize just how much the economy will be affected when the trucks stop moving.

If your truck is beaming info does that mean it's also tracking your location?

Certainly. The truck's position can be ascertained at almost any time, in fact, it's the entire basis for my company's electronic logs system, it would be impossible with out it.

For the record, "Scranton" may be the ugliest word in the English language.

I dunno, Scotrun, PA is a pretty close contender, just because it makes me think of anatomy.

Never has the human brain's ability to automatically switch letters to form familiar words amused me so.

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