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center stage on the mic... and we're put'n it on wax... it's the new style!

you don't know me, but you don't like me
y'say you could care less how I feel
how many of you that sit and judge me
ever walked the streets of Bakersfield?

e're en route to Ferdinand, IN where we're splitting this load and picking up the load that will take Bill and I to Bakersfield, CA. The fact that I can't be there until sometime Sunday morning/afternoon when it's supposed to be there at 5am on Saturday morning hasn't thwarted the powers that be in anyway. As many miles as we will have to cover in the next few days, I should be done with Bill by mid-week and have him into his own truck. While it sucks that I've gotten stuck with this load I know it comes with the life. With my birthday coming-up in a couple of weeks, I'll see if I can't parlay this into an extra day off around that weekend when I plan to visit welfy in Pennsylvania.

So what do I know about my new companion Bill? He's 47 and very, very recently divorced. You hear all sorts of divorce horror stories, but I believe this one belongs in the Poor Sap's Hall of Fame. He came home four days before Christmas and found his bride (a mere 21 years old) in bed with his brother. Bill proceeded to beat the ever-living shit out of his brother, which I can't say as I blame him. It's one thing if your old-lady runs around on you, it's another thing entirely when your own flesh and blood betrays you in such a manner. It's unthinkable.

His brotherly can o' whup-ass landed him in jail for a couple of days as well as a restraining order barring him from seeing his wife and the two year old daughter they have together. When he got out of jail, his wife and daughter of course had moved out...and he hasn't seen either of them since. Merry Christmas!

'm not typically one for making New Year resolutions, but this year I have a couple of goals I've set for myself. One them you are beginning to see this with entry. In addition to doing a complete overhaul of my journal layout in the very near future, I'm also going to be adding some style to each entry. I blame this on pugofwar, who, with his one brilliant journal entry per month, shames me into making my journal more interesting to look at in addition to being entertaining (hopefully). Don't worry; I don't intend to adopt a third person narrative style or carry-on long conversations with myself in the comments, but I do want to try something that will make my journal a bit distinctive and unique. Unfortunately, any of you who read your f-list with a black background will miss-out on some of these features, but I can't very well ask everyone who reads my journal to download a bunch of third-party fonts so this is the only reasonable alternative.

Another goal I have set for myself concerns my health. A few years ago my doctor recommended that I begin taking Niacin on a daily basis, to combat a genetic disposition I have toward bad cholesterol. I gave it a shot when i twas first recommended and at first had a hard time adjusting to the "flushing" sensation you get from taking it. Finally, though, I found a particular brand of "No Flush" Niacin which worked well for me, but I grew lazy and stopped taking it for nearly a year. The last weekend of December I renewed my commitment to it and have been doing well at taking it on a daily basis. Wow, that was boring. So much for being entertaining.

ast night I made a post to the found_objects community concerning some roadside art that Welf and I encountered on our trip to Niagara Falls. Rather than duplicate that entry here, I thought I'd spare you and simply provide a little teaser and encourage you to check out the entry over there.

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you for to mention the goal of hiking 7.5 miles at natural bridge with me

hat's not a goal, that's a done deal, dude. I can't wait.

id be wary of any 19 year old who gets pregnant with a 45 year old guy.

h yeah. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm hardly in a position to pass judgement on age-gap relationships at the moment, that'd be rather hypocritical of me, no? He hasn't elaborated on it in any detail other than to say she was his "mid life crisis". I can't blame him, I dated an 18 year old when I prematurely had mine. I'm guessing he probably knocked her and the mariage came from that, trying to do the honorable thing I suppose. Thank God that can't happen to me. ;-)

so wait, you got the big V, right? do you still bust huge loads, or whats the deal there?

Your icon is fucking awesome.

eah. There's absolutely no difference. All a vasectomy does is sever the vas defrens to keep sperm from being injected into the semen. I'm sure there is a minisucle deference, but considering that actual sperm is such a small portion of the actual ejaculate, it's negligible at best.

Wait, when did this become a biology thread? ;)

so if you do marry welfy, it wont be out of obligation. HAHA!

it would be because you truly love her.

Oooh, good-lookin' approach, dearest soopageek.

I especially like the location bit at the top.

It's...ragged and full of dangerous intrigue.

hanks! The location bit I'm not sure I'm enitrely happy with, plus do to it like that EVERYTIME might be more than I want to fool with. I may just end-up making the "location" part a graphic and type the portion after the colon in regular text. Depends on how lazy I get with this.

Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe with some constant tweaking and practice, I can be as stylin' as you. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
cutally I've already tried that - converting "Mood" to "Location". It works great as long as someone is viewing the entry in YOUR style. The thing is, most people don't do that; they read it in the style of their f-list page. So what ended-up happening is all my friends would see "Mood: Hartford, CT" or whatever. The only way that I can see to do it is to do it somewhere in the text of the entry where you have more creative control over how things display when your friends read it on their f-list.

(Deleted comment)
Don't worry, I have no feelings for either of your brothers! And well, I don't see anything happening with you and Ben. :^P Poor Bill. GEES.

I miss you. Hopefully I can trek to Kentucky next weekend and catch you there to make up for this weekend gone horribly wrong. Plus your BIRFDAY.

hhhh, I dunno. Ben's pretty hawt... with some liquor and the right music, you and smiles_sweetly might have something to worry about

While I will not deny that my family is full of hawt people, that kinda grosses me out. :^P

Bill proceeded to beat the ever-living shit out of his brother,

Good man!

I hope you get to see your lady soon!

I saw that entry over in found_objects. Amazing.
That's one of my most favorite communities.

My husband was a truck driver for another company for a bit, before
I found out I was pregnant. He really enjoyed it. I miss hearing
his stories about being on the road.

I found out I was pregnant

he ultimate found object!

That was the best comment EVER.
I just wish he had felt that way when I asked him to come home.

these illuminated letter type things are tripping me out.

eah, but... likey or no likey? Not that it matters, I'll probably do it anyway regardless. I like it and that's all that matters. :)

oh i know :)
and it's not that i don't like it. it just tripped me out, as stated :)

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