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me love you long time

ravel Centers of America is one of the oldest truckstop chains in the country. A lot of their facilities are remnants of a by-gone era when truckers used to require accomodations, before sleeper berths became standard on road tractors. The TA in Buttonwillow is a good example of this; you can see the older part of the building with its second level and the newer addition which has been added to it. Like many of these older buildings, the old motel section of the truckstop has been converted into shower rooms.

It appears, though, that Buttonwillow has found another use for at least one of the old rooms.

That's right, after a hard (wink,wink) day on the road you can release (nudge,nudge) that tension with an authentic Chinese (wink) Massage (nudge).

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Dude, I freakin' love your icon!!

Do they have a male masseuse? sp?

can't say with certainty, but I would assume not.


The style failed.

nd I was too proud to delete it. ;-)

I know what happened, too. I have this tendancy to want to capitalize the file name, because, well, that's what I'm doing in the text. Perhaps I need to make duplicates of every one of those files, named with the capital letter as well.

You're still jealous.

hehe okay, nothing about the pics, but your icon is da bomb, lol

'm surprised you'd never seen it before. I've had it for a while now. :)

well maybe I have. my mind must be going :-)
Maybe I've enjoyed it each time and forgotten to comment.
For the same reason, perhaps, that I can go to the library and the name/author of every book that I want to read just disappears and I have to go with old standbys.

Who knows? :-)

hat a drag it is getting old.

And if you take one more of those, you will get an overdose!

hings are different today, I hear every mother say.

(Deleted comment)
ahahaha. Good question! And it's "Double Points January" at TA, too! I wonder how many TA points it takes to go "around the world"?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
hey do kinda look like hospital showers. I've even seen one or two that actually had the "call for help" pull chords in them.

(Deleted comment)
don't think I noticed before that you did that set of photos while you were having the truck washed.

(Deleted comment)
No problem. :-) I saw a guy driving today with his two kids with him. I suppose you could have an extra seat installed somewhere, but most trucks are two seats and (at most) two beds.

No offense to truck drivers, but I think being a Chinese masseuse for truckers is on the "Professions I Would Never Want to Be" list. :^P

(well, except for this one trucker whose back I could touch night and day and never get tired of it)

eah, but... but... how cool would it be to work in a truckstop every day?

Only if it was a truckstop that you visited on a fairly regular basis. :^)

Man, oh man. I remember when that shower post originally went up and I thought you were sorta hott in that one picture even though I didn't want to. Seems like years ago. I've even been in a few of those now.

can only assume that you are referring to this photo, because it is indeed the epitome of hott-ness. Nations fell, women wept, and the internets nearly ground to a screeching halt when this photo made its digital debut.

ake heart, for you are not the first and surely will not be the last to succumb to its staggering power.

But can it beat the hotness of my default LJ icon? It is wanted in 37 states for being too alluring and causing heart-attacks in people who scroll through their journals at home and at work.

Either way, maybe we're just a very hawt couple. Eat your heart out, TomKat!

I'm pretty sure it's the toilet paper dispenser that really does it for me.

*innocent look*

Are you insinuating that the Chinese Massage is something other than a massage?

i guess they are not out East, like on the Jersey Tnpk? this is news to me. very interesting piece of road history though. yup.

ctually, TA's are predmoninantly in the east. The reason you don't see any on the NJ Turnpike is because truckstops don't flourish on tollroads because a lot of trucking companies and independent operators avoid them to cut costs.

There are two TA's in NJ, incidentally: one on I-80 and one on I-78, both less than ten miles from the state line with Pennsylvania.

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