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me love you long time

ravel Centers of America is one of the oldest truckstop chains in the country. A lot of their facilities are remnants of a by-gone era when truckers used to require accomodations, before sleeper berths became standard on road tractors. The TA in Buttonwillow is a good example of this; you can see the older part of the building with its second level and the newer addition which has been added to it. Like many of these older buildings, the old motel section of the truckstop has been converted into shower rooms.

It appears, though, that Buttonwillow has found another use for at least one of the old rooms.

That's right, after a hard (wink,wink) day on the road you can release (nudge,nudge) that tension with an authentic Chinese (wink) Massage (nudge).

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hehe okay, nothing about the pics, but your icon is da bomb, lol

'm surprised you'd never seen it before. I've had it for a while now. :)

well maybe I have. my mind must be going :-)
Maybe I've enjoyed it each time and forgotten to comment.
For the same reason, perhaps, that I can go to the library and the name/author of every book that I want to read just disappears and I have to go with old standbys.

Who knows? :-)

hat a drag it is getting old.

And if you take one more of those, you will get an overdose!

hings are different today, I hear every mother say.

I feel like I'm corresponding with a 17th Century schoolmarm with an oddly good grip on future trends.

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