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me love you long time

ravel Centers of America is one of the oldest truckstop chains in the country. A lot of their facilities are remnants of a by-gone era when truckers used to require accomodations, before sleeper berths became standard on road tractors. The TA in Buttonwillow is a good example of this; you can see the older part of the building with its second level and the newer addition which has been added to it. Like many of these older buildings, the old motel section of the truckstop has been converted into shower rooms.

It appears, though, that Buttonwillow has found another use for at least one of the old rooms.

That's right, after a hard (wink,wink) day on the road you can release (nudge,nudge) that tension with an authentic Chinese (wink) Massage (nudge).

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i guess they are not out East, like on the Jersey Tnpk? this is news to me. very interesting piece of road history though. yup.

ctually, TA's are predmoninantly in the east. The reason you don't see any on the NJ Turnpike is because truckstops don't flourish on tollroads because a lot of trucking companies and independent operators avoid them to cut costs.

There are two TA's in NJ, incidentally: one on I-80 and one on I-78, both less than ten miles from the state line with Pennsylvania.

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