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me love you long time - Part 2: "you want free sample?"

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She's almost like a loungey lizard!

(Deleted comment)
he tone of the photos changes pretty substantially from the first to the last photo. I know what you mean. :)

Sixty bucks an hour! What if you can't last that long? Pro rata?

'm sorry Paul. She didn't have a 3 minute rate.

*cue rim shot*

wow. frequent customer cards. just... wow.

know! I couldn't believe it. I also found the choice of the word "service" a bit amusing, too, not only in the poor grammar, but the actual choice of that word.

Apparently this is the Subway of the Chinese massage world. I wonder if you have to buy a 20oz. drink to get your 8th "massage" free.

oo bad I can't hang around one more day to see if they do a "Two for Tuesday" special.

Of course, I think that only applies to 6 inches.

Why is she hanging on a Schneider Truck? I thought they got paid with pumpkin seeds.

udging from your head, them Schneider boys have been taking care of your pretty well.

That Hardee's star is gonna jump down and kick her ass if she doesn't make a sale...

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Why don't the bowsers have any displays on them?

think we're experiencing an international communication breakdown. I'll take a guess that you're referring to the fuel pump?


Man, I had forgotten how cool that was. If you ever come by here, we should take a photo-exploration.

I remember the first time that I had actually seen a note,
left by a "lot lizard", on my husband's truck.

He had failed to mention what that really was, and how common
notes like that are left.

I didn't freak out, like some women would, but I am constantly
shown how much more I need to learn.


ha..wow...it really does exhist!

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