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me love you long time - Part 2: "you want free sample?"

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She's almost like a loungey lizard!

hey're actually really common. You can pick 'em up and just about any truckstop.

My non-LJ-enabled friend Lanna's brother is a truck driver and he has one on his truck.

I recognize that truck...it's a Schneider. I only know that because they're based in West Memphis

t's hard to miss those bright orange trucks!

Not to sound contradictory, but they are actually based in Green Bay WI. The W. Memphis is one of their many operating centers. Also they are very easy to see, just look for the truck that is getting passed by Amish people.

My brother-in-law teaches people to drive for Schneider at the West Memphis location.

He says it's a pain. lol.

whats a loungey lizard?

Whoops. I meant "lot lizard." They're prostitutes who go from truck to truck at truck-stops.

I feel enlightened now...

I thought you were just meaning she was a lot lizard that was a little bit classier than most.....

My first thought was that she wasn't as skanky as what I evision lot lizards to be....I think of them as bleach blonde crack whores.....

tually, in the trucker's parlance... it's lot lizard.

See above self-correction. :^)

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