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me love you long time - Part 2: "you want free sample?"

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That Hardee's star is gonna jump down and kick her ass if she doesn't make a sale...

(Deleted comment)
Ah, maybe so, but that's only moonlighting! 'Round these parts, starboy be representin' Hardee's - Home of the Monster Burger (the 10-pound cock of the burger world).

Um, not that that's the reason to get one...

(Deleted comment)
dunno dude. That Bacon Swiss Mushroom burger on sourdough Hardee's has, has got it goin' ON.

A 10-pound cock? Where can I get one of those?

xcept it's California so it's a Carl Jr's. ;-)

Semantics, my friend. You think I really care about the name after that Paris Hilton commercial? That fucking STAR is The Pimp Constellation!

(Deleted comment)
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