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me love you long time - Part 2: "you want free sample?"

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Why don't the bowsers have any displays on them?

think we're experiencing an international communication breakdown. I'll take a guess that you're referring to the fuel pump?

Yep - that's the one!

The only thing I know as a "fuel pump" is the mechanical component.

hat's the satellite pump. Truckstops typically have pumps on either side of the lane so that both tanks can be fueled simultaneously. The display is on the primary pump, usually on the driver's side of the truck.

Ahhhhhhh!! I see!!!

Does that mean at least one pump is filling the truck unattended? I think they banned that practice here ten or fifteen years ago. When filling up cabs, we used to have to jam the LPG triggers open with old spark plugs so we could go off for a cigarette while it was filling up.

hey've pulled them from most gasoline pumps in the states, but you can still find some. As for the diesel pumps in truckstops, yeah, they all can be left unattended.

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