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The Year In Photos 2005 - Part 1 of 4

y all accounts, 2005 will go down as one of the more memorable I've had in some time. You know how, as you get older, the time-lines of events and years begin to mesh together to the point that they become indistinguishable? It's not likely this will happen with 2005 for me. It was such a great year in so many ways. I fell in love and I began to get a hold on my financial situation. I forged many new friendships, renewed old ones, and strengthened the bonds of current friendships. My favorite band, who made my favorite song on my favorite album, reunited after a 13 year hiatus and I was afforded the opportunity to see them play live five times in four weeks. And of course, there were numerous adventures.

This isn't to say that it hasn't had its down sides. I had my camera stolen along with video footage of the afore mentioned concert. I had a couple of tickets. My cat became extemely ill costing me nearly a grand in vet bills (I never wrote about that). For all intents and purposes I lost a friendship that meant a great deal to me, or at the very least will likely never be the same again.

But all in all, it was a remarkably positive year. One filled with lots and lots of pictures; over 3,000 in fact. Last year I was content to split the year into two halves, but this year I think I'm going to work in quarters. So without further ado:

should've known that 2005 was going to be a great year because it started so ambitiously and full of promise. Nearly everything that would come to fruition throughout the year, their seeds were planted in January. I rarely post quizzes and surveys, but for some reason this age quiz amused me and in hindsight, proved to be somewhat prophetic with concern to my love life. Also, thanks to a post by my pal mandy_moon about the shoe tree she created in Massachusetts after being inspired by my photos of the Nevada Shoe Tree, I discovered the found_objects community. My first entry posted there was about the shoe tree and would prove to have a tremendous impact on the remainder of the year for me, ultimately prompting me to expand my webhosting services the next month when it completely wrecked the bandwidth of two photobucket accounts and the meager bandwidth from my original webhost. This coincided with a birthday wish which lossfound was gracious enough to grant for me, helping me to realize a web presence for The real high-point of my month, however, was my visit in Minneapolis with atthestarz and hockeyfag. The three of us went to see A Prairie Home Companion in St. Paul my first night there and the next day they took me to the Mall of America and went to dinner. My third day there, atthestarz took me to see a shoe tree on the University of Minnesota campus and that afternoon hockeyfag took me up in a Cessna for a view of the Twin Cities from the air.

ith the shoe tree photos kickin' ass and takin' names, it solidified my decision to move my webhosting to Dreamhost. With the much more spacious services in this new location, I was like a kid in a candy shop. For my own amusement, I put together the Scarlett Johansson Knee Porn page and a blog ( to detail my forthcoming Slint devotion. It was actually on February 22nd that I finally got to see my first of the 5 concerts.

While finally seeing Slint after falling in love with them 14 years ago was certainly a momentous event, there was another occurence in the month of February that would nearly overshadow this entire experience for me in the coming weeks. Sometimes a person comes into your life that is such an overwhelming, singular experience that it can last a lifetime. I count myself blessed to have been blogging at this point in my life so that I could hold-on to these precious moments and cherish them for the remainder of my days. Of course, I could only be talking about...


ith the exception of the events which would unfold later in the summer, the month of March was probably one of the most interesting and memorable months of the year. While the JasonismsTM flowed, I began to settle into my Slint worship. Over the course of the month I would see them 4 times, including one Slint-filled weekend when I saw them twice in New York City and once in Boston in a three-day period. In New York, I went with my old college pal AJ (aka hope_sets_sail) whereas in Boston I took mandy_moon with me. In addition to a magic superball I had for my friend, I brought her The World's Largest Jawbreaker that eventually resulted in The Jawbreaker Showdown While in Boston, Becky took me to see a house in her neighborhood owned by the Creepy Lawn Ornaments Guy. As a prank, we fabricated her meeting of the house's owner: Mr. Claude Crawley.

n addition to all my shenanigans on the east coast, I discovered that the old church in Chesterville, Illinois on which I had reported the previous year had not had a good winter. Jason and I took an adventerous trip to the west coast as well. While driving across Nevada, we stopped in the town of Goldfield for a little exploration and photography. In addition to the general semi-ghosttown nature of the town with its abandoned buildings and dirt streets, there was the grand old Hotel built at the turn of the 20th century and the weird can clones which resided on the property and the art cars in a nearby vacant lot.

By the end of the month, Jason was off the truck and I was joined by another favorite 'round these parts: Delroy.

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