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Ok, first things fuckin' last

R.I.P. Chris Penn

s most of you know by now, Chris Penn passed away last night at the age of 43. I chose this picture of him with Harvey Keitel and Steve Buscemi from Reservoir Dogs, because that's how I'll always remember him.

Nice Guy Eddie.

A few weeks ago I re-watched Reservoir Dogs as well as True Romance, another film I love which featured him. I'd forgotten just how awesome he was in the former, as it had been a number of years since I had seen it. The final sequence, just before the Mexican stand-off when he defends Mr. Blonde, is one of the most intensely acted portrayals of the film and he proved he can hold is own on-screen in the company of Keitel and Tim Roth. I have a fondness for character actors, they guys who never get the lead roles but bring so much to the part that it can nearly eclipse the lead performances. I've always counted Chris Penn in that category. His range was limited and he often was type-cast, particularly after Reservoir Dogs, but he brought an intensity and spirit to his performances that are, more often than not, unforgettable. So long, Nice Guy Eddie.

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