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hanks to everyone who sent happy birthday wishes in some fashion or other. They were greatly appreciated, however, I was far away from LiveJournal for most of the weekend. The time was spent with welfy on an excursion into Pittsburgh. We had lots (and I mean lots) of food and took a bajillion pictures. I'll most likely write about that in the coming days complete with photos that I'm too lazy to get off the camera at the moment.

The other big thing that happened this weekend was that my birthday present to myself arrived. I had it shipped to Welf's house since I knew I'd be there this weekend. I bit the bullet and bought the Durabook I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. I've barely had a chance to play with it much and most of my core applicationz are at home, but my initial response is "ME LIKEY". The keyboard will take some getting used-to, though. The peripheral keys around the standard QWERTY are a little differently placed/sized than the previous one causing me quarter-hourly conniptions at the moment, but I'm sure I'll adjust quickly.

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i knew you prolly weren't on so i put off the birthday wishes, but happy ass birthday!

hope you dig the durabook.

far so good. Of course, right now I just love having a laptop I can actually be mobile with again, and not fear making it crash because I moved it.

aww, I suck... Happy birthday, hon.

www, it wasn't meant to shame anyone, just wanted to say thanks to those who did. I'm worse than most about forgetting to send birthday wishes. My own mother and brother's birthday is two days before my own and I didn't call either one of them.

Yay! Birthdays rule. Especially when you can stretch 'em out a little longer.

Glad you had a good one, and have fun with your new toy!

Ate your way through Pittsburgh?

Very glad your birthday weekend with your lovely lady rocked! And yay for presents of the electronic variety!

I love you. Happy birthday, darling. I'm going to go finish off your birthday cake now and gain 5 pounds.

I missed the actual day, but Happy Belated Birthday!

Ah hell, the homestead pretty much skipped of the planet the past couple days in a cloud of vapo rub, so now that I'm settin' up for a long day: happy belated and all that. Hope the steak and uh, side itemz were groovy.

Hope the new lappy is Teh Shizz. Laptop keyboards always piss me off, so I went with a widescreen as much for the regular keyboard layout as the shiny hypnotic screen.

so now that I'm settin' up for a long day

ou too, eh? I'm getting ready to "go to work" right now myself.

Man, I don't know why I do this. Here it is, 3am in glow of the LCD.


If it were LSD maybe that would be a start?

Either way come 3pm tomorrow I'm gonna be at work thinking about this and asking WHY?

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