It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

a movie weekend

Location: Arthur, Illinois

Robin and I went to see American Wedding. Absurdly low-brow but often genuinely funny. Having seen the others , I didn't have incredibly high expectations, however, it was a little disappointing that so much of the cast present for the first two films were noticeably missing and no explanations were given. Ugh, I'm whining about fluff.

Afterwards we met Carla at the Blue Moon Saloon. I had never been to the Blue Moon, but I'd heard enough radio spots to know that it wass basically a dance club geared toward the thirtysomething set with lotsa 80's dance and late 70's disco. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why Carla would be hanging out here, she's only 22. As it turns out she has the hots for this girl named Holly who apparently enjoys going there. Holly looked to be in her late twenties, possibly early thirties with long black hair and a dark complexion. She was very pretty, I can't blame Carla. Unfortunately, I don't think Holly was very interested in Carla. Robin and I had a few drinks and hung out with Carla. After my second double of Maker's Mark, while pondering how much the whiskey was starting to taste like water and that this was probably not a good thing, the following conversation transpired:

(Robin) This is why people have butt sex.
(Me) What?!
(Robin) Butt sex. This song.
Of course my thoughts on hearing the E.U. song involved reviving memories of School Daze: Spike Lee with a bald head, Samuel L. Jackson as a bitter factory worker, Lawrence Fishburne in his Afrocentric red, black, and green duds. But I figured my younger companion wouldn't appreciate this revelation.
(Me) I seriously doubt that.
...doin' the butt! Awww sexy sexy...
(Me) I'm sure there are people who enjoy anal sex that really like this song, but I doubt it causes people to have anal sex who haven't otherwise

We didn't stay long. Carla invited us to her house but Robin had already told Kristine from work that he would go hang out with her later and invited Carla to join us. Carla declined and went home and we went to Nicholasville. There we found Kristine and her husband Ram (I'm not making this up) and two other co-workers of hers, who names have escaped me and some dude named Dean. There was more drinking involved, a blunt was smoked (although some of us have pesky piss test to worry about and I don't really care for blunts anyway) pizza was eaten, and Freddy's Dead was watched, complete with 3-D goggles.

I want someone to make porn for Imax. This would be a draw I'm tellin' ya.

We left around 4am and went back to Robin's where I crashed on the couch until some woman came banging on the door at 8am to ask us to turn down the music. There was no music playing. Robin had to be at work by 10am so she got off to work and I headed out to Washington Co. to my folks. On the way I stopped and did some much needed grocery shopping and now have S'mores, Grape, Strawberry, and Chocolate Pop-Tarts. I also bought produce to make me some pasta later that night as well as other general food supplies for the truck. I also rented some movies. My mom and I have a deal going. We take turns making each other watch films. This started wtih Dances With Wolves which I had always meant to see, but due to its length, I had never made it around to it. In return, she got subjected to Memento. This was followed by me having to watch Places in the Heart which, as it turns out, I had seen before but had forgotten. For a chick flick, it's not so bad. Anything with John Malkovich is reasonably tolerable just to watch him work. So I rented Fight Club. Heh, she says now I really owe her and she's going to find the biggest chick flick she can think of that I haven't seen. I also rented Gosford Park. I have to admit it was deceptively engrossing and I have to agree with sylvia101, they do make smoking look so glamorous. It may just be me, but I have a hard time with Robert Altman films. There is something about his direction that doesn't sit well with me and while it bothered me some, it also worked rather well in this film. I want to see it again, on DVD so I can utiize the subtitles. Between my hearing, the thickness of the accents, and the overlapping dialogues, I'm sure I missed a lot.

The storms that had raged through the region the night before had done a lot of damage out there. A barn was blown completely over into the road and the top of one silo had blown off. The tin roof on my parent's garage had sustained considerable damage as well: several sections had been completely peeled back exposing the wood. My mom bought a canvas tarp and when my brother Daniel got out there later in the afternoon, he and I tacked it down to the roof until something more permanent could be done to fix it. Over the afternoon the movies got watched and I made my pasta with pesto with zuchinni, squash, and whole mushrooms (mmmm). The Independent Film Channel was showing Mean Streets which I had never seen so I watched that. I dunno, I guess I can see how Scorsese's work may have been interesting at the time, but by modern standards a lot of it seems very antiquated now. And the script was either terrible, or a lot of it was imrpovised and riffed. I do like how he utilizes New York City (like in Taxi Driver) almost as a character itself that interacts with the other characters and the story.

The Sunday paper had a big section on the UK football program which can only mean one thing. Basketbasll season is just two months away!

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