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the upper midwest's best kept secret

inner is served...

...what're you having?

I'm kind of jealous except for the puke-looking chili.

t was a lot prettier before all the cheese melted, leaving the orange goo on top of the chili. It still tastes awesome, though.

I'm having sushi, I believe.

But can you tell me what's going on in that tray on the right?

hili cheese fries! BOOO-YAH!

What's your favorite kind of sushi?

The term "butterburger" is disgusting... but damn those things are good!

Next time you're in Chicagoland, get a fully loaded Italian Beef from Portillo's.

Or even better, look up this hole-in-the-wall burrito place in Summit, IL (on Archer Road near I-55) called El Farol. Football-sized burrito for $3.25? Yes please!

h, I dunno. I like both butter and burger, so it doesn't sound so disgusting to me.

I'm not a huge fan of Mexican but the Italian Beef sounds awesome. Is Portillo's a regional chain or some mom and pop place I could never get a truck near?

That looks good and a hell of a lot better than anything I can buy locally.

I'm baking a chicken and have a few more minutes, until I absolutely have to decide upon side dishes that can also serve as a main entree for my vegetarian daughter and that'll please my half-vegetarian wife.

egetarians are crazy-people! ;-)

i was gonna say "what, no butterburger?" but goingincirclez beat me to the catchphrase.

las, I'm a sucker for the Philly Ribeye sandwich. I get it nearly every time I eat Culver's.

OMG, I MISS CULVER'S SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Try the fried cheese curds!

Alas, they don't have them down here in Florida. *tears*

Oh, and if you like fish, try their fish sandwich - best fish sammich I've ever had!!

mmmmmmm butterburgers..... they beckon me...... mmmmmm

I was hopingthe pic would come out better, they're tums

uckily I don't have the chronic stomach problems like you, or else I'm sure my meal tongiht would be causing me some serious discomfort.

I just finished a great meal of coffee and cigarettes, you know, “Health Food”

nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate

t least you have two of the four food groups covered.

Taste how much we care.... about your cardiologist bill.

n entry and commenting. Look out! She's back.

This is totally out of left field, yet somehow related. When I worked at for Pizza Hut, we had a nickname for the Meat Lover's pizza: coronary on a crust.

Were your arteries flowing a bit too free today?

he copious flow of Dr. Pepper keeps 'em well rinsed.

Are those chili fries?
You know, I've never had those before.

Dinner tonight is leftover Tuna Casserole.

What I want is Burger King.
Whopper, no pickles, no lettuce.
Large onion rings with onion ring sauce.
Diet Coke.

he truckstop I took the snowy picture in this morning had a Burger King inside. It smelled mighty good while I was outside putting fuel in the truck.

(Deleted comment)
've never tried Whataburger. As far as Left Coast burgers go, I've tried In and Out, which was pretty damn good.

Culver's burgers are good, but for my money, the midwest chain burger joint to beat is Steak 'n Shake.

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