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because i was too lazy to change the adjectives

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s long as it doesn't involve vegemite. *shudder*

I'll take care of it for him when you're here.

I'll get you a shot of Basil Hayden's. It'll be good.

ounds good to me. But I'm a wuss when it comes to beer, just so you know. Most beer tastes like crap to me.

Yeah, I remembered that - Basil Hayden's is a really fantastic bourbon. Which I know you have a preference for. ;-)

'm seeing doubles already.

Speaking of beer, my bartender wasn't at Tony's when I was there! So I turned wild and got an MGD instead of Bud Light.

Then he did show up later, and he tried to give me a secret handshake. (I hate when people try to shake my hand like that, I just get confused) I think I accidentally initiated myself into a gang.

I wish I hadn't passed that on to my aunt and uncle now. That stuff was awesome! And I bet they didn't even try it.

You...you actually liked it?

o my knowledge, the big chicken never even tried it. I think the face I made when I dipped it out of the jar and licked it off my finger deeply scarred her for life.

BAHAHA! That was not the wisest way to attempt a first taste.


I vote we have a gross-food-eating contest.

No. I liked watching Lin's hilarious facial expressions when HE tried it, and watching him run to the bathroom sink doubled over in disgust. I just lived vicariously through him! :^)

beer is gross, vegemite is great!

Yes, totally agree! I even have my American hubby eating Vegemite, so it's not all bad. ;)

Working in a bar in college and smelling stale beer run through the pipes at the end of the night put me off beer forever.

*nods in agreement* stale beer is one of the most revolting smells ever. and when it is combined with ciggarettes *gag* :-p

but well done! I don't know many americans who eat vegemite!

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