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because i was too lazy to change the adjectives

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o my knowledge, the big chicken never even tried it. I think the face I made when I dipped it out of the jar and licked it off my finger deeply scarred her for life.

BAHAHA! That was not the wisest way to attempt a first taste.

Don't yinz eat it on sandwiches?

NO! Nobody eats that shit. This is not the first time I have said this.

Well, someone has to be eating it if it still exists!

That's one way. The only way I ever eat it (which is rarely) is an elegant sufficiency of a scraping on hot, buttery toast. It's not to be slathered on.

My mother's doctor prescribed Vegemite on toast for her morning sickness. True story.

had NO idea what it was going to taste like. I thought it looked like apple butter, so in my head, I was thinking "sweet" with a little "tart" flavor. Boy was I in for a big surprise.

HA! Yes, that would have been a shock. Salty, yeasty goodness.


I vote we have a gross-food-eating contest.

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