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random stuffs

'm eating hot turkey and cheese sandwiches, prepared on my new 12-volt sandwich grill. I have a feeling I'm going to begin being a bit more adventerous in my sandwich making in the near future.
I think the movie The Wedding Crashers would've worked better as a horror film starring Jane Seymour's neck.
I haven't had a student now for three weeks. The break has been nice, having the truck to myself, but I'm going to be missing the money real soon. Of course, after this week, I will probably start putting things in motion to purchase/lease my own truck. It might be simpler to make that move without a second person in the equation.
I was looking over some recent entries and it occured to me that I haven't posted a gratuitous welfy photo in a while. I took some at her house on my birthday, here's one I like.

Five O said "Freeze" and I got numb.

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I think it's so interesting how Erin can go from high fashion in the old schoolhouse to very country in her own house.

How would you feel if she got her hair cut even shorter?

This outfit is "country"? Or was it the big cardigan sweater?

Oh, I was referring to the very family-ish throw blanket and couch here versus the abandoned schoolhouse in the earlier post.

he could be bald for all I care.

I'm recommending that LiveJournal expand the "nudge" feature to not include "bullshit entries from otherwise talented and engaging writers" in their criteria for what constitues a post. So I can nudge yo' ass.

For real, though. With your neck, I think you could look really great with uber-short hair.

eah I think she could pull-off a Sinead O'Connor look. Do that and put welf in a turtle neck. That'd be hawt.

What is this nudge feature you speak of? Am I really so out-of-the-loop LJ-wise?

t's now on the bio/profile page. Has been for a couple of months you slacker. If someone hasn't written an entry in over a week, you can "nudge" them and it sends them an email alerting them that their lj-friend wants them to update their journal.

I think people who use this feature in earnest probably need more important things than for a friend to update their journal, you know, like a life or something.

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