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haven't been in much of a LiveJournal mood lately, which isn't good when you consider I still have three more entries to do about the meat-packing plant that I want to write, not to mention, three more Year In Photos entries (yeah, 'member those?). Instead, I've been spending inordinate amounts of my on-line time playing hearts. While it's true I enjoy playing the game throughout the year, it is usually punctuated by two hardcore benders over the course of it. Once I get this out of my system, I'll be good 'til July/August. I've already played some hearts today, however, and I hope to complete a more substantive entry than this one by the end of the day .

ast Tuesday, I acquired a new student while in Atlanta. His name is Robert and he was born the same year as me. This is the first time I've trained anyone the same age as me, in fact, I'm pretty sure it's first time I've trained anyone who was in their thirties; everyone is always younger or older than me it seems. He's from North Carolina and is in the throes of an 8 month separation from his wife. He's a country-boy, thin with a beard. We are currently in route to Colorado, so when I asked him if he had ever traveled out west before, he confided that, when he went to the Atlanta terminal for his orientation, it was the first time he had been outside North Carolina.

He's fresh out of trucking school with zero experience and yet, he's probably one of the best "new guys" I've ever had. The first time I stuck him behind the wheel he shifted beautifully (even DOWN!) and he was obviously well accomplished with negotiating turns. After just 30 minutes of watching him drive I could tell he was going to be an easy one. On top of all of this, he's quiet. Vewwy vewwy quiet. He doesn't talk to me at all unless I initiate the conversation. It's a beautiful thing. He's like, the perfect student. Unfortunately, he plans to take his paid time-off at the midway mark of his training, so I won't have him for the entire training period.

had intended to begin the process of converting myself over to an owner/operator in the manner which I described a few weeks ago. Due to my afore mentioned affliction, I didn't call the gentleman I needed to make arrangements with on Friday because I was playing hearts all afternoon while Robert drove. I made an attempt to call the fellow this morning and was informed that he would be out of the office all week and that it would be best if I called him next Monday. My mind on this is made-up, however it's still fraught with concern and now being made to wait a week when I'm ready to get moving on it makes me anxious. I don't like anxious.

his past weekend, welfy came to see me in Kentucky for the weekend in anticipation of this being a final weekend that I may be home for a while due to the transition from this account, laden with frequent home time, to the general pool of drivers where home time is not quite so frequent. I suppose I have another weekend after all. I've put-off filing my taxes for the past two weekends, I guess this shall be the one.

had a grilled sandwich of smoked provolone with hard salami for lunch this afternoon and you didn't.

Tags: food, training, welfy

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